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"Eve's Bonie Squad is the latest album from Tim Dalling, songwriter, performer and kilted fall-guy in the phenomenon that was The New Rope String Band. His songs are a rich mix, full of vivid imagery made tangible through Tim's whisky-warm vocals and joyous, dancing accordeon playing."


I watched a documentary called 'The Secret Life of Waves' in which a scientist used the metaphor of a wave for human life. A wave doesn't really exist as an object, it's just energy moving through water particles. It's not an object, it's a process. So humans are just processes, forms of energy creating, building and discarding cells until we eventually crash on to the shore. I've found this metaphor really helpful as I've started to se the first faint outline of land up ahead.

So I'd like to dedicate these songs to all those waves in front and behind, from William Dalling, Nellie Maud Palmer, Eileen and Alan Baker to Tom, Rhona and Ailsa Dalling and the waves behind them.

A short season of gigs from Eve's Bonie Squad with full live band: Tim Dalling with Ian Carr on guitar and Neil Harland on bass, Rhona Dalling on voice, fiddle, banjo and songs...

Friday 22nd July
Sam Lee's Campfire Club
Saturday 23rd July
Under the Stars Festival
Sunday 24th July
Victoria Theatre, Settle. nr Carlisle
Monday 25th July
Kilbarchan Chapel

CD available now.

Read a profile and review in The Herald.

Since the New Rope String Band's last performance (now available on DVD!), Tim has performed 77 shows as Willie Sprout Snr. in Northern Stage's Up and Out Christmas Sprout, a Christmas show for six year olds and under. He was the composer and musical director.

Through 2016 Tim will be working again with storyteller Malcolm Green, with whom he developed Shearwater. The new show, called 'Cuckoo' follows the life and culture of a very different bird to the shearwater.

Tim's other new project is Aye, Coyote:

Throughout the year, in various places, there'll also continue to be solo shows of songs and capering aboot. He will keep in touch somehow!

"Tim Dalling's performance at Lau Land was breathtaking. Running the full gamut of human experience, exertion and emotion, he must surely be approaching the peak of his powers. You get a sense that he could do absolutely anything he wants.

"The only person you can go and see doing Tim Dalling is Tim Dalling, unique exhilarating brilliance."

Kris Drever (Lau)

To contact Tim Dalling to make a booking, or for any other reason:

Telephone 07954590273
 Find Tim on FaceBook

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